So Poppin' Tea Sample Tasting!

We finally got the samples in for each flavor! Here was our thoughts on it!

1/22/20242 min read

Tiffany and Jarrell's Flavorful Adventure at So Poppin' Tea

Join Tiffany and Jarrell as they embark on a taste-testing journey at So Poppin' Tea, a delightful tea brand known for its carbonated sweet tea flavors.

1. Southern Classic: The New Standard!

When you hear "Southern Classic," you might envision grand porches, slow fans, and an escape into the sweet, crisp air of a southern evening. That's exactly the vibe we were aiming for with our latest endeavor at So Poppin' Tea—the first-ever carbonated sweet tea brand that promises to fizz up your beverage game. Let me take you through the exhilarating moment of tasting our first sample with Jarrell and Tiffany, the masterminds behind this innovative concept.

It was an ordinary afternoon turned extraordinary when Tiffany and I realized the wait was over! Gregg, our trusted manufacturer, had mailed us a package with our first samples. In the package were three mysterious bottles, each labeled with different strengths: 1x, 1.5x, and 2x. The anticipation was palpable as we prepared to sip our way through these variations.

The moment the caps were twisted off, we were greeted by an aroma so delightful, it was like walking through a field of tea leaves just after a warm rain—an aroma of freshly brewed tea so potent, it could revive even the weariest of souls. As the bubbles danced to the top of our glasses, the scent promised a new kind of tea experience.

We started with the lowest strength. The fizz greeted us first—present, yet remarkably balanced, ensuring the spotlight remained firmly on the tea itself. The taste? Simply unparalleled. It was clear that Gregg had sourced some of the finest tea leaves, as the flavor was rich and robust, a true testament to quality craftsmanship.

Moving on to the 1.5x and 2x strengths, we noticed an increase in concentration. The tea held its bold flavors even as the strength intensified, but it wasn’t quite as smooth as the first. Each sip brought about a lively burst of carbonation that complemented the tea without overwhelming it, a tricky balance to strike, yet mostly well-executed.

After much laughter, discussion, and plenty of sips, the verdict was unanimous. Despite the allure of stronger brews, the original sample, with its gentle yet flavorful essence, was perfection in a bottle. It was clear that Gregg had nailed the recipe on his first try—a rare feat in the world of beverage crafting.

Choosing to proceed with the lowest strength might seem contrary to the trend of bolder is better, but for us, it was all about preserving the smoothness and drinkability of the tea, making "Southern Classic" not just a drink, but an experience—a bubbly nod to southern hospitality and leisurely afternoons.

So here’s to "Southern Classic" and the future of tea, carbonated to perfection and popping with each sip. Get ready to fizz up your life with So Poppin’ Tea. Cheers to a southern tradition, reinvented!

Check out a little snippet of the taste testing here!